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BMMC Network Winter Town!

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You can also PM (Private Message) Admins From The BMMC Network Forums








Event Includes:


Winter Town Event:  (December 2021) *until complete



  • Special Loot Hidden in Evergreen tree on random items random timer respawns
  • Collect Ice Chunks For Grand Prizes!
  • Collectibles, New Items, Special / Unique Items, Base Items, Fun Items and Ice Points in Auto Spawn Loot Chests & in Krampus Castle PVE (Player V.S. Entity) Just find the way in to get the items!
  • Snow-Person Contest, Points for all that participate. Highest points to "snow-person" by votes.
  • Toy Factory, Special Holiday NPC's to trade and trade items with!
  • Special Mini-Contests Scheduled For with participation points!
  • More, More and More!
  • Optional Confirm Attendance below to get updates!
  • Prizes to include: Special items, Ranks, Memories and Steam Gift Cards!!



Confirm Winter Town Attendance After December 1st 2021