Meet the Staff

BMMC Network staff is a diverse group of great people dedicated to providing you info and assistance to help you enjoy your game!  We maintain a safe fun environment for all age players. We host a small but friendly community of players that think having great players is better then having mass players.  We can host many people with 11 Minecraft Servers hosting Java and Forge platform minecraft. Mini-Games, Factions, Residence, Skyblock and more.  Most staff have YouTube videos and some are tutorials on plugins. While others are showcases of areas on each server. Staff YouTube and Twitch Streams are not exclusive to our server. Many talents are showcased within those pages.

We continue to evolve recently adding a new server type, a Forge Modded Server.  Bat-Helsia is a project of BluPenDragon inspired by Valhelsia 3.  This Forge server cannot be reached from the Java servers lobby and has its own connection address. You also need the Mods installed into a profile in your Minecraft client. These mods are available with installation instructions on the BMMC Bathelsia Page.