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Crafty Cannoneers [by Zeronia]:  2024


  • Whitelist Request in discord or use form.
  • Registrants will be abe to join and play once approved and added to whitelist.
  • We can add Streaming info for announcements in our Discord channel of Live streams.


Play Link: crafty.bmmcnetwork.com



Not_Ok's Harcore Streaming Map:


Not_OK's Hardcore Streaming Map Revived into Playable Survival World 1.20:


  • Request Whitelist in Not_Ok's discord or on form below.


  • Players can join and play once they are approved and added to whitelist.



Play Link: notok.serenitymc.org



For Questions e-mail: support@serenitymc.org

If you have more Questions or comments e-mail:


You can also PM (Private Message) Admins From The BMMC Network Forums

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