upload Skin To Use on BMMC Network Servers

Use below form to add skin .png to your in game player. The skin will be visible on all our servers once set. This skin will only be visible on your character while playing on our servers. It does not change your uploaded skin to Mojang. It is simply to test a skin or have a temporary or different skin on this server network.


 - Skins must be "G Rated"

 - Be sure to specify skin type Steve or Slim

 - Only MC compatible format of skin available for download on many sites as well as available templates to create

  you own creation.


File format: .png Transparent areas in .png stay transparent in game.


     For Questions e-mail: support@serenitymc.org

If you have more Questions or comments e-mail: support@serenitymc.org

You can also PM (Private Message) Admins From The SerenityMC Forums

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Discord Name (optional)
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Skin Type *
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Max file size (Mb): 2

Max number of files: 1