About us

BMMC Network started several years ago as a public open server as BatmanMC in version 1.10.2 We have left BatmanMC as 1.10.2 due to mass undertakings in dungeon style PVE area many custom quests mobs and games. We added SerenityMC for the Aquatic update. It was great! from there the servers multiplied untill we needed a lobby to navigate them from Skyblock to Playground (games only) and Tranquility each a little different a little the same..

We continue to evolve recently adding a new server type, a Forge Modded Server.  A project of BluPenDragon based in Valhelsia 3.  This Forge server cannot be reached from the Java servers lobby and has its own connection address. You also need the Mods installed into a profile in your Minecraft client. These mods are available with installation instructions on the BMMC Balhelsia Page.

Toynk Toys
Minecraft Enchanted Purple Sword Costume Accessory